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“Hire Programmers - Across every skill set and Technology!”


When you work with Vajraasys, hiring or renting programmers is very easy and we provide you with top IT professionals at reasonable hourly prices at your location. We can also provide coders on rent basis at very reasonable hourly rates. We have thousands of IT freelancers in our database and we make the whole process of finding a programmer very easy. You can just pay-by-the-hour, there is no payroll and no benefits…You can fire anytime.


Our 40 hour guaranteed program, i.e. pay nothing-period will give you an opportunity that you can only pay if you like the programmers work. We can provide resources from various backgrounds, such as Database Administration, ERP Consultants, Web Programmers, Access Programmers, PHP Programmers, Java Developers, .NET developers and from various other skills.


We always welcome clients who are in need of IT consulting and IT staffing services. Please talk with our Accounts Manager at 952-893-5400


We are ready to provide resources on any of the following fields

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft
  • Digital Marketing, Branding
  • Web Services
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Mainframe Programming
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • System Analysis
  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Technical Support and Help Desk
  • Technical Writing
  • Project Management
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