Resume Marketing


“Why Vajraasys is your Trusted Partner”


Want to get placed in a reputable IT organization? Then you have come to the right place. Placing the candidates across various fields based on their expertise is our main line of business and at the same time providing the excellent employee benefits with your employment.


Once your resume comes into our database, we will begin resume marketing as early as possible and help you to get placed within few weeks. If you are almost at the end of your project, we will begin the process of resume marketing at least a month in advance to make sure that there will not be any gaps between your projects.


Also, keep in mind that as Vajraasys has its own clients and working in a Top Vendor Network, there are high chances of getting hired by one of our direct clients.


If you need more information regarding your resume marketing, please speak to a HR specialist.


Why Vajraasys is preferred for your Resume Marketing?

  • We have direct clients and contracts with Top Vendors
  • Our marketing team is highly experienced
  • We work with proficient account managers
  • We work with highly skilled technical recruiters
  • We have dedicated team for Skilled/Social Networking; we leverage the power of social media
  • We maintain friendly relations with Hiring Managers and also Corporate Recruiters
  • We accept all the referrals from the employees and contractors on new works at their Clients sites

Reasons to work with Vajraasys

  • We keep everything transparent – Period.
  • All emails and phone calls are answered, regardless of nature of request. At Vajraasys, we believe that most of the issues can only be resolved through proper communication.
  • We will assure you that choosing Vajraasys is nothing but keeping your future in safe hands.
  • Vajraasys is an American Owned Established Employer.
  • We run payroll process Bi-weekly via direct deposit provided to our employees.
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