Employee Benefits

Vajraasys offers excellent benefits to its employees, whether they are full-time or contract based. We are committed in providing the top benefits currently available in the industry.

  • Custom Salary Packages – Hourly or Yearly (Full time or Split)
  • Continuing Education (If needed)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Free Sponsorship of Work Visa and Green Card (If required)
  • Health Insurance with Dental and Vision
  • Paid Time-Off (Applicable to full-time employees only)
  • Referral and Incentive Bonus
  • Relocation Assistance (If needed)
  • 401(K) enrollment

Performance Review

We usually conduct performance reviews once a year for all the employees or sometimes after a Project, whichever is longer.


We believe in building long-term relationships!

At Vajraasys we strongly believe in long-term relationships with our IT contractors. We communicate with you during your engagement, provide on job Support if needed and work with you in finding new Projects. If you decide to leave us for any reason, we will just stay in touch with you for future Project/Employment opportunities.

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