Banking and Financial Services (BFSI):

Banking and Financial Services are the roots of Vajraasys. For about a decade, we have been helping banking and financial institutions to meet the unprecedented changes that many global industries are facing. Now many business organizations are encountered with various growth opportunities along with industry-defining challenges such as:

  • Aging technology infrastructure
  • Cost pressures
  • Digital banking
  • Global expansion
  • Improved regulatory oversight and defiance
  • Handling the data explosion

Vajraasys’s solutions for banking and financial services industry as mainly based on a decade of experience in enhancing existing performance and empowering businesses to hold the future.

Attain perceptible business outcomes along with high economic value with Vajraasys’s proven solutions for various banking and financial processes.


Why Vajraasys for Banking and Financial Services

  • Enhanced processed efficiency
  • Compliance and apparent governance with legal and governing bodies
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions
  • Accessibility and a larger marketplace through online channels
  • Decreased cost through automation and acceleration
  • A modernized IT landscape
  • Improved and secure customer experience
  • Comply with increasing regulations
  • Simplify the operating environment

Here is the differentiator for Vajraasys’s Banking and Financial Services:

Vajraasys is uniquely placed to address the crucial and critical issues in the planning, set-up to the final execution procedure of financial institution. Here are the various factors that differentiate Vajraasys’s Business Services from the other vendors:


Vajraasys Team

Composed of technology experts and industry leading specialists, we offer clients with a complete range of enterprise IT solutions. Our consultants have great expertise in solving and managing the transformation projects offering the great value and at the same time streamlining the client’s operating environment.

Here are the specific areas that Vajraasys provides its services


“Expert in developing modern industrial manufacturing enterprise”

Manufacturing is now entering into a stimulating new phase of opportunities. In most of the developed countries, wedged by series of declining trends, manufacturing industry is being obligated to revolutionize, manage the increased labor costs as well as improve the safety standards.

In this rapidly evolving and emerging marketplace, industrialization is in igniting demand for localized products. This rapid development is bringing intense change in the demographics of end-consumers and also their buying deeds. Also the manufacturers are now focused on implementing everything leaner and more efficiently, right from design of the products to supply chain to manufacturing to sales, marketing and after sales service and support.

Vajraasys’s collaborative and adaptive IT structures and legacy structure modernization offering the manufacturers to advance their technology infrastructure to accomplish their vision. Vajraasys influences over a decade of domain expertise, process knowledge and world-class technology skills to add value and offer business process improvements.


Our solution offerings in the manufacturing sector include:

  • Enterprise Application Management Services
  • Application Development Services
  • Application Modernization
  • Business Consulting
  • Package Implementation
  • Upgrade and Support Services
  • Migrations/Upgrades

Vajraasys is helping the clients from industrial manufacturing that are custom built to last, by addressing the challenges in the following ways.


“Find the right expertise and resources when you need them”.


In the modern information technology-intensive healthcare environment, even a very small issue in the mission-critical system can pull you away from the primary goal, i.e. fulfilling your promise to the patients and also to the clients.


Healthcare solutions from Vajraasys will help you come out of all such problems with our total IT management systems. Whether you need help in planning, implementing or supporting your hospital’s IT, Vajraasys offers you a complete suite of cost-effective, scalable solutions to meet all your needs and help ensure the success of your IT initiatives.


Vajraasys’s healthcare solutions include

  • Legacy and claim modernization services
  • Enabling the use of electronic records, wireless solutions, health information exchange, M2M integration and other inventions that expand productivity and the quality of care
  • Providing niche healthcare technology solutions around health exchanges, wellness applications, claim applications and eligibility systems
  • Providing analytics, content and mobile solutions that help clients in patient scheduling and CRM applications.
  • Managing and monitoring desktops, networks and servers.
  • Installing, managing, and updating virus, spam, and security software.
  • Installing and managing software updates and patches
  • Backing up the servers and workstations
  • Installing and managing firewalls
  • Hosting the client email addresses in our data centers
  • Providing your email access from anywhere

Public Sector:

“Vajraasys’s Public Sector services to build tomorrow’s government”


Nowadays public sector organizations are facing immense pressure in executing their missions. The modern advancements in technology, including ultra-high-speed networking, cloud computing and virtualization, pervasive mobility, generates much higher expectations to deliver data and services faster, more securely and at affordable cost.


So, it will become as a challenge to manage all these hurdles, unless the existing and potential issues are successfully managed. But once all the key priorities are addressed by using right strategies, you can overcome from all these hurdles. Also, it is important to choose the right strategies that are developed upon deep expertise and inventive solutions that not only enable but also nurture mission accomplishment. With the current ever-changing technology and real-time communications background, achieving this kind of success is only possible by taking up new style of IT.


Vajraasys has a great history of providing services to public sector clients. Our consultants are working on federal and state projects. We work with healthcare applications in public sector specifically with reference to eligibility systems, welfare applications, medicare, affordable care and exchanges.


Vajraasys’s Public Sector Services include:

  • Analytical Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Professional Services

We are certified in the city of St paul and women owned small business program certification. Our cage certification is #70NM3

  • Cert Program - City of St Paul ( state)
  • WBENC - Certified ( National)
  • MMSDC - Certified ( National)
  • WOSB - Certified ( National)
  • BBB Certified ( state)


“Vajraasys delivers best business value to Retail Industry”

Vajraasys is an award winning IT services and solutions provider for the retailers around the globe. The mission of Vajraasys is to be the right “Retail Partner”. We are fanatically dedicated to all the clients and strive continuously to add value to the customers with the help of innovative services and solutions.


The role of IT services is essential and strategic in adjusting to new trends while maintaining control of costs and delivering a strong environment to the business. Also it is very essential that all the IT assets in your network, whether in the store or on your back end, are tracked, supervised and managed, in a continuous and frictionless method.


In this fast-paced society and with faster-paced changes in the technology, all the customers want new, different and customized goods, without any delays. Here are the critical risks that most of the retail industries are now facing:

  • Extended supply chains
  • High demand volatility
  • Highly competitive and margin sensitive industry
  • Increased lead times
  • Lost sales and brand erosion due to stock outs
  • Managing multi-channel operations
  • Production off-shoring
  • Pricing pressures
  • Shortening product life cycles

Retailers globally now realize that the only way to gain sustainable competitive advantage is through the deep understanding of the demands of consumers and also the comprehensive supply chain planning and execution workflows.


We help retailers by offering the most trustworthy, efficient and effective processes to achieve the higher service levels and at the same time reducing the costs. This is the best way to gain customer loyalty and brand strength.

Vajraasys helps the retailers in developing the best practices and a technical lead. Through technology transformation to take advantage of latest in mobile, analytics and social, the retail business can get full spectrum of customers’ view and find out how best you can serve the customers during the whole purchase process.


How Vajraasys helps retailers

  • Store Portal that can help to improve collaboration, inventory and promotion management within and across the stores
  • Multi-Channel Customer Engagement and Loyalty leveraging social media and mobile platform providing retailers valuable visions through a unified view of the online and offline behavior of customers
  • Integrated Customer Insights leveraging predictive analytics and big data to harness transactional, social, location, demographic data to fine tune promotions placement and inventory
  • Flexible, self-service key performance indicator dashboards and accelerators allow data conception from varied sources. This allows business management across investors, right from the store through to business heads
  • Data transformation services that cover data warehousing and integration, testing and digitalization to offer vital business intelligence to retailers

Vajraasys Advantages

  • Vajraasys’s in-house Innovation Labs to develop innovative, market-focused business solutions
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Seamless scalability
  • In-house accelerators for reduced cycle time and costs
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