Vajraasys is a full service IT firm that partners across clients spanning major business verticals and government sectors

Over the past decade, Vajraasys has been one of the fastest growing technology companies in the US. So, what has been behind Vajraasys’s success even during the period of economic downturn? A combination of technical knowledge and an advanced management philosophy that unleashed the innovative thinking of empowered workforces.

What We Do

Vajraasys is a global leader of next-generation information technology services and solutions. Our main aim is to enable greater returns client’s technology investments through the best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale.

Our Management Team

Our management team has more than 10 years of experience in domestic and international IT industry and strong history of business, academic and technological accomplishments.

We are Located Where our Clients Need us

Our branches are located in several places throughout the US. Our major offices are:

Bloomington – IL
Nashua - NH
Columbus – OH
Denver – CO
Columbus – GA
Jacksonville – FL
Chicago – IL
Hartford- CT,
Houston – TX

Our Clients